Monday, December 31, 2012

Additional Task

Question 1
In the studies of Social Contract Theory ethical principle, the terms positive and negative rights are used. Compare and contrast these rights:

A positive right (limited right)
A negative right (absolute right)
Not allow what you have to do.
Let you do what you want to do.
Make sure you have your right as long as you meet the condition.
Guaranteed without exception.

Question 2
Explain Identity Theft and provide example to support your answer:

Identity theft is abuse a person’s identity for it own good without a permission of the owner and divided in two categories high tech and low tech method. Example: Credit Card, Personal Information, dumpster diving, shoulder surfing.

Question 3
Describe five types of software piracy.
  1. Soft lifting
    • It can be defined as a process in which a legally licensed software or application is copied or installed in violation of its licensing agreement. It is to provide the program to multiple users rather that to sell for profit. For example, sharing software with friends and co-workers.
  2. Uploading and downloading
    • The uploading of software onto an internet site for anyone to download a copy.
  3. Software Counterfeiting
    • Occurs when software is duplicated and sold with unauthorized copies which include the illegal copying and distribution of CD or DVD.
  4. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Piracy/Unbundling
    • It is meant by software that is only legally sold with certain or specified hardware.
  5. Hard Disk loading
    • An individual or organization sells computers preloaded with illegal copies of software.
  6. Renting
    • Rental of software for a temporary used such as movie.

Question 4
Explain the two types of digital divide.

The two type of digital divide is as below:-
A situation whereby the gap between the developed and developing countries for example to access information through the World Wide Web, unlike the traditional global digital divide, it was all about the geographical environment.

A situation in differences within country, for example age gap between children and adult whereby, children might not understand the technology while adults know and understood how to implement technology in life..


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